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MOOC-based Teaching Reform of Business English Reading Course

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.156


Wang Lan

Corresponding Author

Wang Lan


The rise of MOOC has opened up a new way of thinking for the teaching reform of ESP courses, especially vocational English courses. Business English reading teaching plays an immeasurable role in training compound business English talents. The particularity of Business English reading course, which is different from ordinary reading, often causes many problems for teachers in the teaching process. Students' learning ability, learning habits and interest value orientation will vary from person to person. Teachers have realized the existence of this situation in teaching, but it is limited by the single space-time limitation of traditional teaching methods. Throughout the teaching process, we are always in the most real language learning environment, do a good job of the effective connection of knowledge points, and deeply grasp the knowledge. In terms of teaching organization, various flexible methods and means are adopted to carry out teaching work for different learning objects and course types. At the same time, with big data analysis as a reference, learners can refer to the learning behavior and learning process recorded in the learning background, and adjust the learning situation according to the timely evaluation of learning effects.


MOOC, Business English, Reading Course