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Analysis on the Importance of Fitness Equipment Teaching to College Physical Education Curriculum Reform

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.154


Huawei Qian

Corresponding Author

Huawei Qian


The teaching reform of college physical education course should adhere to the guiding ideology of "health first", the idea of quality education and the main functions and objectives of school physical education. With the increasing attention paid to sports and physical education by the state, College students, as the main body of sports, have been extensively studied on how to improve their physical function in an all-round way. As a new sport item in college physical education, the teaching effect of instrument fitness is mainly based on human physiological function and human anatomy theory, and it takes a quantitative form of exercise for human body. According to the characteristics of the equipment fitness course and the needs of the society for the equipment fitness talents, the ability training of the students is particularly important. The practice teaching links should be especially strengthened in the curriculum design. Through the research on the new structure of the equipment fitness course teaching system, the framework of the course content can be more clearly understood, the interrelationship between the contents of each course can be understood, and the problems to be solved in the teaching should be clarified.


Instrument Fitness Teaching, University, Physical Education Course