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Research on the Adjustment Strategy of Major Identity of Higher Vocational Students

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.002


Xiaohua Shi

Corresponding Author

Xiaohua Shi


This paper analyzes the connotation and constituent elements of Major Identity systematically, divides the composition of Major Identity into professional external recognition and professional internal recognition, and analyzes the relationship between the two parts. The study shows that professional education and individual professional interest will have a significant direct impact on professional internal recognition, and social recognition and employment prospects have a significant indirect effect on professional internal recognition. Professional external recognition is to improve the overall level of professional recognition of the entry point, Major Identity through the Major Identity of the identity shown. Therefore, to strengthen the Major Identity of vocational students should be professional external recognition as the focus, the specific recommendations include strengthening the professional ideological education, cultivate professional adaptability; deepen the integration of industry and education, improve professional education; to help students in accordance with the rational choice of interest, professional study.


Adjustment Strategy, Higher Vocational Students, Major Identity.