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Study on the Practical Application of "Two-way Culture Teaching Method" in English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.150


Kun Li

Corresponding Author

Kun Li


The interdependence of language and culture means that language teaching should be combined with culture teaching to improve students' language learning efficiency through culture teaching. However, the current practice of English teaching in senior high schools has not given enough attention to culture teaching, and lacks effective teaching means and methods, thus seriously affecting the actual teaching effect of English in senior high schools. Therefore, the author studies the practice of applying the "two-way culture teaching method" in English teaching, and further explores the principles, strategies and application significance of the two-way culture teaching method of English teaching. Studies have shown that the use of two-way culture teaching methods can understand the cultural differences between different countries, which can reduce communication barriers and effectively promote communication, thereby mastering the culture of each region and improving students' intercultural communication skills.


English, Teaching, Two-Way Culture Teaching Method