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Research on the Reform Countermeasure of Three-dimensional Experimental Teaching System of Applied Undergraduate Tourism Management Major

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.146


Du Changchun

Corresponding Author

Du Changchun


At present, the teaching orientation of Tourism Management Specialty in many applied undergraduate colleges and universities in China is not clear, the experimental teaching settings are unreasonable, and there are many problems. As a result, the students' practical ability of this specialty is poor, and the practical operation ability needs to be improved. Therefore, the research and practice of experimental teaching reform are carried out to strengthen experimental teaching links, strengthen professional technical skills training, and cultivate innovative and applied talents. Experimental teaching is an important means for tourism management majors to achieve the goal of training applied talents. The applied tourism colleges should change their consciousness and attach importance to experimental teaching. They should rationally allocate internship resources, improve the experimental teaching management mechanism, and then build an experimental teaching system. In order to better enhance the ability of tourism management professionals to adapt to society and serve the society.


Applied Undergraduate, Tourism Management, Experimental Teaching