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Research on the Construction of Quality Monitoring System with Teaching Evaluation as the Main Line in Colleges and Departments under the Background of Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.145


Ding Zhen

Corresponding Author

Ding Zhen


Scientific and reasonable evaluation system of teaching quality is the guarantee of teaching quality in colleges and universities. Big data provides new ideas, methods and technical support for improving the existing teaching quality evaluation system in colleges and universities. As the front-line teaching units in colleges and universities, there are commonalities between departments and colleges, but more individual differences are caused by the differences of disciplines and majors. How to ensure the teaching level and quality of each department within the school has gradually been paid attention to by the school-level teaching quality monitoring system, and established a school-level teaching quality monitoring system, which is based on the most basic teaching activities. The design of the whole process monitoring system for teaching quality. It analyzes how to build a classroom teaching quality monitoring system and puts forward some thoughts.


Big Data, Teaching Evaluation of Colleges and Departments, Quality Monitoring System