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A Study of Personalized Learning Behavior Evaluation Method Based on Deep Neural Network

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.144


Cai Minjun

Corresponding Author

Cai Minjun


The development of computer technology has greatly changed and influenced human production and life style. With the development of computer technology, the intelligent algorithm of neural network has also been developing rapidly. Deep learning is a method that can learn the intrinsic characteristics of data, which interprets data by simulating human brain to construct multi-layer neural network. In this paper, the deep neural network algorithm was optimized, analyzed and applied to the research of personalized learning behavior evaluation method, and then the most specific application effect was analyzed and evaluated. The comparative analysis shows that this method is superior to other traditional algorithm methods, it has better applicability and learning effect and has certain promotion value and significance.


Neural Network, Depth, Personalization, Learning Behavior