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Research and Analysis of College Physical Education Teaching Model Based on Outward Bound Training Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.142


Zhi Li

Corresponding Author

Zhi Li


Outward bound training is a new and experiential learning method. The introduction of Outward-Bound Training in physical education is an important means of mental health education for students. In order to further enhance the overall effect of physical education teaching practice, higher vocational colleges introduced outward bound training in physical education teaching, and changed the teaching form on the basis of the original teaching. In this era of economic globalization, knowledge economy and information technology, the comprehensive ability of talents is increasingly demanded, and knowledge and skills are not necessarily the most important. Incorporating the content of the expansion training in the physical education class not only achieves the purpose of the physical education class but also achieves the purpose of expanding the training. It not only enriches the content of the lesson, but also increases the student's academic burden. When designing extension training, individual differences in students should be considered. Completing the student value reengineering process and gaining an overall improvement in the ability and quality should be the direction of future physical education reform.


Outward Bound Training, Physical Education Teaching, Teaching Reform