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A New Talent Training Mode based on the Coordinated Development of Project Driven and Business School

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.001


Qiong Wu

Corresponding Author

Qiong Wu


School business cooperation and business school are the important measures that vocational schools seek their development and realize the integration with the market with vigorously improving the quality of education, targeted for business to train front-line practical and technical personnel of important initiatives. The purpose is to let students learn and practice in the business and let the school and business complementary to each other and share resources on the advantages of equipment and technology, so that to improve the pertinence and effectiveness of education, and improve the quality of skilled personnel. Based on the author's teaching and practical experience, this paper first analyzed the advantages of talent training methods of project driven and business school, and then discussed the key issues of talent training mode of project driven and business school.


Project driven, Business school, Coordinated development, Talent training, Mode innovation.