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Two Dimensions of Mathematics Infiltrating Aesthetic Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.135


Sun Rui

Corresponding Author

Sun Rui


The infiltration of aesthetic education in mathematics teaching can not only cultivate and develop students' aesthetic sense and intuition of mathematics, but also stimulate students' interest in learning. How to guide students to appreciate and apply mathematical beauty is very important for teachers. Based on this, the concept of mathematical beauty and its classification were outlined in this study, and two dimensions of mathematics infiltrating aesthetic education were analyzed, then how teachers infiltrate aesthetic education in mathematics teaching, as well as the role of infiltrating aesthetic education in mathematics teaching to students were further explored. The research shows that teachers should reveal the beauty of mathematics in the teaching process, use the beauty of mathematics to infect students, induce students' aesthetic desire, and make them consciously participate in the cognitive activities of mathematics.


Mathematics, Aesthetic Education, Teaching Reform, Colleges and Universities