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Design and Research of College Credit Offering System Based on Block Chain Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.129


Xiao Fu

Corresponding Author

Xiao Fu


The development of the integration of higher education aims at promoting the free flow of students and realizing the credit transfer and accumulation of the certification tool - the credit system. The subsystem of the credit system in colleges and universities can allow dozens of students to operate on the computer at the same time. It can also be provided to departments according to different requirements according to subsystems and functional modules. Block chain technology is a de-centralized technical solution. It records data in data blocks, and data blocks are connected and combined into chains. Each node supervises each other. The traditional third party is removed from the whole workflow. The information is interconnected and can not be tampered with. Establish key information such as views, functions, stored procedures, triggers, and improve the efficiency and security of data processing. It provides a new way of thinking for the overall understanding and solution of the structural scheme design based on the credit system online course selection system and solving various practical problems in database design. It also provides a new idea for the comprehensive and systematic realization of the credits and teaching management mode.


Block Chain Technology, Colleges and Universities, Credit System, Design