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The Challenge of College English Teaching Reform to Teachers: Problems and Countermeasures of Teachers' Development

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.127


Ling Dai

Corresponding Author

Ling Dai


The new round of College English teaching reform provides a good opportunity and platform for the development of College English teachers, and also puts forward new requirements for the professional quality of College English teachers. Professional development of College English teachers is an important part of College English teaching reform. In line with the context of College English teaching reform, this paper explores the pressures and challenges faced by teachers, their attitudes towards the reform and the ways to deal with them in theory and practice. By analyzing the problems and challenges faced by the professional development of college English teachers in the context of reform deepening, the paper proposes ways and means to achieve the new curriculum objectives in the current high school English teaching. College English teachers can only improve the teaching effect by further attaching importance to the development of individual professional quality, perfecting the solid subject knowledge system, continuously improving the knowledge and skills of education and teaching, and strengthening the ability to engage in scientific research and teaching reform.


College English Teaching Reform, Challenge, Teacher Development