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The Application of Big Data Thinking in Mathematics Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.126


Bing Chen

Corresponding Author

Bing Chen


The arrival of the era of big data has a profound impact on mathematics teaching. Mathematics teaching, from the perspective of big data, refers to the decision-making based on data to provide strong support for all aspects of teaching and help teachers to re-evaluate the teaching content and the actual situation of students' development. Mathematics curriculum advocates the organic integration of information technology and curriculum content, advocates the use of information technology to present curriculum content, which is difficult to present in previous teaching, and strengthens the combination of mathematics teaching and information technology. The mathematics classroom is characterized by complexity and difficulty, and students feel a little boring when they study. With the rapid development of information technology, data collection and processing becomes easier, faster, more comprehensive and accurate. The arrival of the era of big data can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of students to learn mathematics and optimize the classroom structure. In turn, the utilization rate of classroom time is improved, and the optimization rate of thinking quality is improved.


Big Data, Mathematics Teaching, Information Technology, Classroom Structure