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Reflections on the Reform of Higher Tourism Education in China in the New Century

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.125


Gangli Cao

Corresponding Author

Gangli Cao


With the development of the new century, the overall scale of tourism higher education is in the forefront of China, with a complete training level, a wide distribution of colleges and universities, and a large number of teachers, but there are still many problems. To cope with the competition of international tourism market, tourism enterprises put forward higher requirements for the knowledge, ability and quality of talents, and tourism education is facing severe challenges. Education guarantees the continuity of society and the ability to advance, innovate and change the society, including the economic field, through the education of knowledge, skills and norms accumulated by mankind in all its history and the imparting of experience. The development of tourism education must grasp the main contradictions and choose the breakthrough of reform, that is, to consistently grasp the construction of the teaching staff; to lay the capacity training in a prominent position; to establish a teaching system in which theory and practice mutually promote each other. Guided by modern educational theory, this paper explores the challenges faced by China's tourism higher education, the cultivation of cross-century creative composite tourism talents and the construction of a scientific capacity structure system, to clarify the professional training objectives, improve the quality of teachers in an all-round way, realize the scientific and internationalization of the curriculum system, improve teaching methods and means, and cultivate high-quality talents with innovative ability.


New Century, Tourism Education, Reform