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Application of Information-based Instructional Design in Vocal Music Course in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.124


Like Xing

Corresponding Author

Like Xing


In today's information age, the application of information-based teaching to vocal music teaching in colleges and universities is an innovation of music teaching in colleges and universities, which is of great significance to music teaching. This paper makes a comprehensive and multi-perspective analysis of the planning and design of vocal music curriculum, and combines the teaching of teachers, students' learning, teachers' strength, theoretical knowledge reserve, vocal music practice and future development of knowledge. As an innovative teaching mode, the advantage of information-based teaching is to teach first, learn first and teach later, from passive learning to active learning, so that students have the opportunity to face new content, new problems and new situations directly, and on the basis of self-learning and understanding, cultivate the profundity and criticality of thinking through various interactions, so that knowledge can enter into long-term memory. Complete the informatization teaching design process from the course project, work tasks, learning situations, cyberspace, teaching mode, teaching methods, etc., and practice in the vocational education new trunk line, in order to be able to network classroom in the context of educational information. Teaching work provides some reference and inspiration.


Information-based Teaching, Colleges and Universities, Vocal Music Course