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An Analysis of College Students E-learning Based on Mobile Terminal

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.122


Jianwu He

Corresponding Author

Jianwu He


With the development of mobile Internet technology, mobile terminal has become an important source of information for people to work, study and live. College students have become one of the major groups using mobile terminals. College students are in the critical period of academic education and the formation of professional ability. It is very important to explore how college students use mobile terminals for e-learning. The researchers mainly use questionnaire survey and interviews to investigate students in some colleges and universities in Shaanxi province on the aspects of mobile terminal holding, e-learning behavior, and the use of learning platform and resources. With the investigation and analysis of it, the study comes to a general understanding of the status of e-learning based on mobile terminals for college students, and put forward some constructive recommendations for college students to use mobile terminals for e-learning.


College Students, Mobile Terminal, E-Learning, Investigation and Analysis