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Teaching Design and practice of artificial Intelligence course in normal Colleges and Universities under the concept of STEM Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.116


Jian Qin, Qianru Luo, Baorui Liu, Yunxia Ma

Corresponding Author

Jian Qin


With the development of big data, Internet of things, block chain and other technologies in recent years, China has issued the New Generation artificial Intelligence Development Plan, the Action Plan for artificial Intelligence Innovation in Colleges and Universities, and the Modernization of Education in China 2035. Artificial intelligence has gradually entered the field of education. Artificial intelligence teaching is a hot topic in the field of education at present. under the guidance of STEM educational concept and based on the learning requirements of artificial intelligence, the secondary teaching design and development of artificial intelligence course in normal colleges and universities are carried out in this paper.


Robot, Artificial Intelligence, STEM Education, Teaching Design, Teaching Practice