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Design and Research on Online Course of Instructional Design for Mobile Learning

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.111


Mei Chen, Nannan Li

Corresponding Author

Mei Chen


With the growth of digital technologies such as networks and mobile phones, the “digital indigenous” learning style is different from that of their parents and teachers. This requires primary and secondary school teachers to master the teaching design in the mobile Internet environment and be able to take advantage of mobile learning for students. Create a better learning environment and learning activities strategy. This study adopts a design-based research paradigm. After three courses of iterative cycle, the curriculum implementation design and resource development of the "Mobile Learning Instructional Design", the typical learning object is selected for small-scale application and the experience is summarized. The main conclusions of the design principles, design process and design study of the online training courses for primary and secondary school teachers.


Primary And Secondary School Teacher Training, Online Courses, Design-Based Research