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Research on the Path of “Club System” Physical Education Teaching Model in Chinese Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.108


Xiaochen Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xiaochen Zhang


Sports clubs have a long history of being popular abroad. With the reform of China's economic system, competitive sports took the lead in introducing sports club system. This paper explores the operational objectives, contents, forms and specific practices of the open teaching mode of university sports club activity system, with a view to providing specific ideas and methods for the sustainable development of college sports teaching and has universal guiding significance. The teaching of sports club system will become the main direction of the development of college physical education in the future. Teachers should adopt a reasonable organizational form in teaching, strengthen the cultivation of students' interest in lifelong physical education, and make it truly form the idea of lifelong sports. The comprehensive effect produced by the integrated teaching inside and outside the club system is in line with the current direction of college reform and is feasible.


Club system, Sports, Teaching mode