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Investigation and Research on the current situation of foreign students education in Jiangsu Higher Vocational Colleges under the “Belt and Road” Initiative

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.099


Zhang Yuanyuan

Corresponding Author

Zhang Yuanyuan


The implementation of the “Belt and Road” national initiative will bring new opportunities for the training of overseas students in higher vocational colleges. Vocational colleges should follow the trend and actively respond to international development initiatives to enhance the attractiveness of vocational education. This paper adopts the methods of diachronic and synchronic analysis, statistical analysis and literature research to analyze the current situation of foreign students' education in higher vocational colleges in Jiangsu Province. Through a detailed analysis of the current series of problems plaguing the enrollment of international students in Jiangsu higher vocational colleges, the corresponding proposals are proposed to achieve a positive interaction between the expansion of the number of international students in higher vocational colleges and the development of service areas.


“Belt and Road”, Jiangsu vocational colleges, overseas students