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Innovative Ideas of College English Vocabulary Teaching in the “Internet +” Era

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.097


Duan Jun

Corresponding Author

Duan Jun


This paper expounds “Internet +” and its advantages in college English vocabulary teaching, and analyzes the current situation of college English vocabulary teaching. Take into account this, the author puts forward the idea of making good preparations before class, integrating teaching resources and innovating teaching ideas through MOOC. In addition, flipped classroom and micro-course teaching are used to create good scenarios, introduce Internet teaching, establish network platform and construct effective measures of homework evaluation mode. All these are aimed at gradually improving the teaching quality and promoting the comprehensive development of students in the actual English vocabulary teaching of college English teachers in combination with the benefits of the Internet era.


Internet +, college English, vocabulary teaching, MOOC resources, flipped teaching