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Exploration and Practice of Mathematics Curriculum Reform in Higher Vocational Colleges—Take changjiang institute of technology as an example

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.093


Zhu Yuanyuan

Corresponding Author

Zhu Yuanyuan


Curriculum reform is one of the most important ways for higher vocational colleges to implement the spirit of national documents. In order to better serve the quality-oriented education in higher vocational colleges and improve the teaching quality and information level, the diagnosis and reform work is of vital importance. The reform of higher mathematics diagnosis starts with the establishment of curriculum standards and curriculum construction objectives. It is necessary to have strong support from the information teaching platform to make real-time diagnosis and correction of classroom teaching. It is necessary to have in-depth study and practical innovation of the curriculum team, to give full play to the team cooperation ability, and to ensure that the goal of curriculum reform is achieved.


Course diagnosis and reform, Higher vocational mathematics, Objective of diagnosis and reform