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Discussion on the Application of Translation Workshop Teaching Method in College Translation Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.090


Shen Dan

Corresponding Author

Shen Dan


Translation workshop is a very effective teaching mode in college English translation teaching. There are many problems in the traditional teaching mode in university translation teaching, which needs to be improved to optimize the teaching mode. The translation workshop is a kind of cooperative learning model, which is classified into seminar teaching in teaching. The use of translation workshops in university translation teaching can encourage students to think about translation strategies and facilitate students to study translation projects. It has a good guiding role in improving students' translation ability and making students become excellent professional translators. This paper mainly analyzes the application of translation workshop teaching method in university translation teaching. The purpose is to improve the professional translation ability of college students and improve their comprehensive quality.


Translation workshop, teaching method, university translation teaching, application