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Supporting Environment Construction of Vocational Training Hybrid Learning Mode Based on the "Internet +"

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.085


Yan Zhou

Corresponding Author

Yan Zhou


With the advent of the "Internet +" era, emerging information technology is widely used in the field of education. The way of information production and distribution gradually changes the traditional way of information flow. Based on the thinking and reflection on network learning, the mix of traditional meanings is changed. The concept of teaching, creatively proposed a mixed-learning model of vocational training in the "Internet +" environment. This study combines the development status of specific hybrid teaching, design a hybrid teaching model, and simultaneously explore the application. It effectively solves the problem that the students' main role of learning is not fully exerted, the individualized teaching is difficult to implement, and the teacher-student interaction is not sufficient. By re-establishing the curriculum evaluation criteria, designing the curriculum evaluation dimensions and weights to measure the students' learning effects, and verifying the effectiveness of the model by examples.


Internet +, Vocational Training, Mixed Learning