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Research on the Combination of Physical Education and Outward Bound Training in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.075


Liu Jianwei

Corresponding Author

Liu Jianwei


Physical education is an important part of the curriculum system in China, especially in the context of increasing emphasis put on quality education and people’s more attention to physical education. Colleges and universities are an important source of talents in our country, so it is of great importance to carry out physical education in colleges and universities, so as to improve students’ comprehensive quality. In the process of carrying out physical education, it is advocated to strengthen the effect of physical education by combining outward bound training, and to promote the reform and innovation of physical education. This paper analyses the current situation of physical education, the role of outward bound training, the characteristics and requirements of outward bound training, and the application effect of the combination of physical education and outward bound training in colleges and universities in order to promote their organic combination.


College and university, physical education, outward bound training, application