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Research on the Practical Effect of "Three-Dimensional Integration" Implicit Course Teaching Design in College English Based on the Network Hybrid Model

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.071


Fu Liaoyan, Yuan Likun, Xu Qing

Corresponding Author

Fu Liaoyan


The teaching reform emphasizes the introduction of network-assisted instruction and the integration of computer network and traditional classroom besides the traditional classroom teaching. It can arouse students' strong thirst for knowledge and interest in learning, and cultivate healthy personality. Hybrid teaching combines the advantages of traditional learning methods with modern media learning methods such as the Internet, and integrates teaching and information technology. With the guidance of constructivism and related online learning theories, relevant scholars have carried out research and practice on the "three-dimensional" college English teaching mode combining real classroom, virtual classroom and recessive classroom. The "three-dimensional integration" teaching mode fully respects the individual differences of students, effectively cultivates students' independent learning ability, and improves students' comprehensive English application ability. Educators should pay attention to teaching practice, actively carry out teaching research, promote teaching through scientific research, and promote their professional development.


Teaching Reform, Mixed Model, Three-dimensional Integration, English Teaching