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Research on Network Classroom Promoting Quality Sharing of Rural Education under the Background of “Internet + Education”

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.065


Ma Zhuang

Corresponding Author

Ma Zhuang


The development of rural education in China is not ideal. There are certain differences in teaching scale, teaching facilities and teaching resources from urban teaching, which restricts the sustainable development of rural education in China. With the development of the Internet era, “Internet + education” has become the key to promoting the development of rural education. By exploring the application of “Internet + Education” in the development of rural education, the Internet education platform is combined with external high-quality resources to carry out “network classroom” teaching and network teaching and research, so as to promote the sharing of high-quality resources in rural education, promote education equity, and promote China. Balanced development of rural and urban education.


Internet + education, rural education, quality resource sharing, online classroom