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Innovation Analysis of MOOC+SPOC Reversal Classroom Teaching Reform Model Based on Big Data Era

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.063


Qingtao Huang, Gang Chen

Corresponding Author

Gang Chen


With the arrival of the era of big data, teachers' teaching methods and students' learning methods have changed to a certain extent. The richness of Internet educational resources and the rise of micro-class and mu-class teaching modes have caused certain impact and challenges to traditional classroom teaching activities. The concept of MOOC+SPOC reversal classroom teaching mode based on the era of big data proposed in this paper makes up for the shortcomings of traditional classroom teaching, enriches teaching means, enhances students' participation in in and out-of-class learning, and cultivates students' individualized self-learning ability. Starting from the complete teaching activity process such as teaching preparation, teaching activity implementation and teaching evaluation before class, construct a flipping classroom teaching mode based on “MOOC+SPOC”. The flipping classroom model based on "MOOC+SPOC" has been well applied in teaching, and students' feedback is good, which improves students' enthusiasm and cultivates students' comprehensive ability.


Big Data, MOOC + SPOC, Flip Classroom