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Integrated Development of Drama Education under the Circumstances of Belt and Road

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.061


Liu Xiaoye

Corresponding Author

Liu Xiaoye


In the six years since the development strategy of "Belt and Road" was proposed, China's economy and culture have been deeply integrated into the world's economic and cultural system, and a new pattern of all-round opening and development has been established. The strategy of "Culture First" has built a platform for cooperation between China and Asian, African and European countries. As one of the cultural export carriers, Chinese drama has gained unprecedented development opportunities. How to integrate and develop drama education under the new situation and how to solve the problems brought by cultural shock in cross-cultural communication are new issues facing the Chinese drama educators. In the integration and development of drama education, drama educators should have a strong cultural confidence. The integration is not a simple formal combination, but a deep integration of high-quality things that can promote the development of drama education and the traditional drama style in China. There are a lot of drama forms, such as modern drama, Peking Opera, various local operas, etc., which are the basis for us to exchange with foreign drama educators. It is necessary to grasp the essence of national culture on the one hand and strengthen the study of foreign drama on the other hand. It is high time to introduce more excellent Chinese drama works to the world stage, and promote the integrated development of drama education under the environment of "Belt and Road".


Belt and Road, drama education, integrated development