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The Supply of Government Entrepreneurial Service System under the Balanced Development of Regional Vocational Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.059


Sun Wanqing

Corresponding Author

Sun Wanqing


At present, China’s vocational education has entered a new stage. Currently, the vocational education has basically achieved balanced development in resources and layout because of support from the national strategy. Under this circumstance, it is of great significance to slowing down the current severe employment situation to establish a perfect entrepreneurial service system by government departments in China. In order to improve the government’s entrepreneurial service system, four major problems need to be solved: high entrepreneurial costs, lack of effective protection of intellectual property rights, difficulties in entrepreneurial financing, and insufficient entrepreneurial incentives. Furthermore, by solving these problem, the legal guarantee for start-ups and lower the threshold of the venture capital market can be improved, and the supply of entrepreneurial service system will be realized.


Regional education, balanced development, entrepreneurial service system, supply analysis