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A Study on the Development of Local Resources in Ganzi Tibetan Area in Tourism English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.057


Feng Jing

Corresponding Author

Feng Jing


Ganzi Tibetan area is the hinterland of the national corridor of the early ethnic migration in our history. It is the center of the ancient tea-horse trade and the intersection of Han and Tibet. In the long process of historical development and evolution, various cultures collide and absorb each other, thus forming a culture with distinct historical marks and its own unique regional and ethnic characteristics. In recent years, Ganzi Prefecture has developed tourism as a new economic growth point. The development of tourism economy relies on the scientific and rational development of local tourism resources and various forms of external publicity. The integration of local tourism resources into college travel English teaching can not only help to cultivate localized foreign-related tourism talents, but also enhance students' ability to promote local tourism resources in English, and promote local tourism development to adapt local tourism to world tourism. The trend of industrial development and integration with the international tourism market.


Tourism English, Local Resources, Region, National Characteristics