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Course System and Teaching Content of Ideological and Political Teaching Theory Based on Humanistic Care

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.053


Liu Hui

Corresponding Author

Liu Hui


The essence of ideological and political education is a kind of social practical education activity which cultivates, shapes, transforms, develops and perfects people. It has extensive and profound humanistic care. Its fundamental purpose is to make people have high ideological quality and noble character. Through the current ideological and political education of students, this paper analyses the important role of humanistic care in promoting the ideological and political education of students, and explores the new model curriculum of ideological and political education with humanistic care as the core content in accordance with the requirements of quality education. Considering the current situation of curriculum system and the requirements of future development, it is necessary to pay special attention to improve the curriculum system, strengthen the practical function and highlight the characteristics of the discipline in the reform of the content system of Ideological and political pedagogy. The teaching content should be perfected to meet the needs of students' all-round development. The teaching methods should be flexible and diverse to arouse the students' subjective consciousness and continuously enhance the attraction, appeal, guidance and eternal charm of ideological and political theory teaching. The realization of the modernization of teaching concepts, the modularization of teaching content, the diversification of teaching methods, and the systematicization of teaching guarantees are effective ways to construct a new mode of teaching ideological and political theory courses and promote their smooth implementation.


Humanistic care, Ideological and political education, Curriculum, Teaching