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Study on Psychological Training Methods in Fighting

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.050


Lijun Lin

Corresponding Author

Lijun Lin


Fighting takes kicking, hitting, wrestling, stabbing, hitting and other technical actions as the main form and achieves the goal of defeating the opponent in the fight. Fighting contains a deep connotation. Only with certain defensive and offensive experience and skills can fighters successfully carry out the campaign of confrontation. In the continuous development of society, fighting has attracted more and more people’s participation, and has been widely used in various aspects. For fighters, in fact, their level of fighting ability is the key factor to win and is also determined by the technical level, psychological ability and physical quality. Psychological quality helps fighters use their fighting skills more effectively, so that they are able to subdue their opponents most quickly and accurately, and thus achieve excellent fighting results. With the continuous progress of our society, great importance has been attached to the psychological training in fighting, which has been recognized correctly in all fields of fighting. However, there are still some confusions about its implementation. In this paper, the importance of psychological training methods in fighting is analyzed and the methods are discussed from various perspectives.


Fighting, psychological training, methods