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Analysis on the Training Mode of Connecting Talents between Secondary and Higher Vocational Schools Based on Curriculum Theory—Taking Yunnan Open University as an Example for Integrated Open Talents Training Mode of Secondary and Higher Vocational Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.047


Yin Zhiqin, Wang Jia

Corresponding Author

Yin Zhiqin


In order to meet the requirements of the industrial process for technical skilled talents, it is necessary to build a vocational education system that effectively links up and penetrates different levels and types of vocational education and embodies the concept of lifelong education. The connection between secondary and higher vocational education is one of the ways to realize the vertical connection of different educational levels in vocational education system. This paper analyzes the open-ended talent training mode of higher vocational education in Yunnan Open University from the perspective of curriculum theory, and provides an example for the construction of the middle-high vocational education talent training model and vocational education system, and also provides an effective way for the lifelong education system.


Vocational education system, Linkage between secondary and higher vocational education, Curriculum theory,