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Strategic Research on Building Task-oriented Learning Community in Higher Vocational Education Based on Network Community Model

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.046


Li Juan

Corresponding Author

Li Juan


"Task-oriented construction of community learning community in higher vocational colleges", that is, through the establishment of community in higher vocational colleges. Driven by the specific tasks of enterprises, the learning community is composed of professional teachers, enterprise tutors and learners. Explore its construction mode, operation mechanism, evaluation system, analyze the difficulties and pain points of its operation, and learn from the successful application of the network community construction and operation model in the commercial application field to the higher vocational teaching process. It also proposes to establish a four-dimensional space strategy system for learning community, explore practical and feasible task-oriented learning community operation methods, and constantly stimulate the interest of higher vocational students to improve their professional skills.


Network community model, task-oriented, learning community