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Research on the Method of Combining Ideological and Political Education with Thanksgiving Education from the Perspective of Traditional Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.044


Zhu Zhangfang

Corresponding Author

Zhu Zhangfang


Chinese excellent traditional culture has important value in the education of socialist core values of contemporary students. At present, it is necessary to actively explore the way to realize the excellent traditional Chinese cultural values in the education of students' socialist core values. The ideological and political work in colleges and universities is an important part of the work of college students, but its existing form has been increasingly marginalized since the development of Ideological and political work. The essence of Ideological and political education in colleges and universities is to get correct, positive and upward theoretical viewpoints through understanding, practice, re-understanding and re-practice. Integrating gratitude education into the ideological and political teaching so that they can face life with a healthy mentality and personality. It is vital to the growth of students' talents. Thanksgiving education is a key issue in the ideological and political education of colleges and universities. It focuses on strengthening the grateful education for students, which is conducive to students' formation of the correct life values of gratitude, goodness and dedication. Colleges and universities should create a good campus gratitude culture, enrich and innovate grateful education methods.


Traditional Culture, Ideological and Political Education, Gratitude Education