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Analysis of the Relationship between English Teaching and Regional Economic Development in Local Colleges and Universities Based on Industrial Development Dynamics

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.043


Han Rui, Yin Yanlin

Corresponding Author

Han Rui


Under the background of accelerating the process of global economic integration, English teaching in local colleges and universities plays a vital role in promoting regional economic development and construction. Therefore, based on the development of industry, the author makes an analysis of the relationship between English teaching in local colleges and universities and regional economic development. Taking English teaching as an example, the author analyses the main points of College English teaching, explores the necessity and feasibility of the coordinated development of College English teaching and regional economy, and gives pertinent suggestions on how to realize the effective integration of the two. The results show that the relationship between language and economy is very close. The local college English education can promote the regional economic development. The regional economic development has a positive effect on the local college English education. The two promote each other and develop together. Strengthening the integration between college education and regional economic development has become an inevitable requirement.


Industrial development dynamics, local colleges, English teaching, regional economic development