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MOOC Promotes the Course Construction of Military Theory Course in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.042


Jie Li, Feifei Di

Corresponding Author

Jie Li


MOOC has become one of the most important means of educational technology at present. It has changed the traditional teaching mode of higher education centering on "teaching" and established the education mode centering on "learning", which has brought tremendous impact on the traditional teaching mode all over the world. Therefore, the author studies the curriculum construction of military theory course in Colleges and universities promoted by MOOC. Relevant research shows that promoting the construction of MOOC in colleges and universities can help improve the professional level of teachers, update the content of courses in a timely manner, explore a hybrid teaching model and launch MOOC in colleges and universities, deepen the curriculum construction and reform of colleges and universities, and promote the informatization of teaching. All colleges and universities should actively carry out the MOOC platform construction, try the MOOC curriculum reform pilot, study the effective ways of MOOC curriculum construction, and promote the sound development of MOOC.


MOOC, college military, theoretical class, curriculum construction