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Exploration on the Application Effect of Virtual Simulation Training in Basic Nursing Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.040


Li Yuming, He Juanjuan, Wang Hongrui

Corresponding Author

Li Yuming


Compared with the traditional teaching and clinical skills training methods, virtual simulation training is a new practical teaching mode, which can reflect the characteristics of the specialty itself and the nature of the discipline. Virtual simulation training has many advantages in basic nursing teaching, which is helpful to cultivate clinical thinking skills and professional learning ability. Virtual simulation training is mainly based on computer technology as the core of the teaching, which can guarantee the virtual relief of hearing, visual and tactile blending, allowing students to have a strong sense of reality, experience, and effective protection of reality and virtual fusion training. Introducing this high-tech technology into nursing teaching can help to stimulate students' individual motivation and interest, and enhance the fun and heart of the classroom. Ensure the teaching effect can be improved to promote the updating and transformation of basic nursing teaching mode. This paper mainly explores the application progress of virtual simulation training in basic nursing, and understands the effect of virtual simulation training in basic nursing teaching.


Basic nursing, Virtual simulation training, Application, Teaching