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Countermeasure of Strengthening Professional Physical Fitness in Higher Vocational Physical Education Teaching Based on Vocational Literacy Training

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.037


Kejun Sun, Fenglan Fan

Corresponding Author

Kejun Sun


At present, there is a certain disconnection between the college students trained by higher vocational colleges and the talents needed by enterprises. The main reason is the lack of vocational literacy of College students. It is urgent to strengthen the vocational literacy training of Higher Vocational College students. Higher vocational colleges must attach importance to the development of students' job-hunting and employment orientation, and improving personal physical fitness plays a very important role in job-hunting and employment of students in higher vocational colleges. From the perspective of development, the higher vocational sports curriculum has undergone many reforms. With the different educational requirements put forward by the education department, the higher vocational sports education model has undergone corresponding changes. This paper will start from the development of physical education in the vocational ability training of vocational students, and provide constructive opinions and countermeasures for the reform of vocational education of higher vocational sports teaching.


Professional Quality, Higher Vocational Sports: Professional Physical Fitness