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Exploration on the Reform and Innovation of National Instrumental Music Teaching in Colleges and Universities under the New Situation

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.035


Lu Wang

Corresponding Author

Lu Wang


National musical instruments are the essence of our national music, and also an important part of our material culture. Due to the influence of traditional education ideas and modern western music education concepts, local colleges and universities in China do not have enough knowledge of national instrumental music teaching. There are many one-sided, blind and unrealistic practices, which seriously hinder the coordinated development of national instrumental music teaching. Traditional teaching will face strong impact and severe challenges. Under the background of the new situation education, the prosperous art culture requires more scientific and normative teaching of national instrumental music in colleges and universities. Taking the professional teaching of national musical instruments in colleges and universities as the foothold, through the analysis of the current teaching status and reform teaching significance of the major. Strengthening the construction of teaching materials, optimizing curriculum, innovating classroom teaching, and expanding the practice space can enable the integration of national instrumental music teaching in Chinese universities into more inherited and contemporary elements, thus cultivating more professionals who are suitable for the times. On this basis, the promotion of traditional culture is realized.


New situation, Colleges and universities, National instrumental music, Teaching