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Student-centered Innovation Research in the Training System of Applied Talents

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.023


Li Xuling

Corresponding Author

Li Xuling


With the rapid development of society in recent years and the enhancement of the frequency of industrial transformation, the original talent training program in the education industry has been unable to adapt to the changes of the times and meet the practical needs of the contemporary society, resulting in the embarrassing phenomenon that the quality of talent transfer in the education sector does not match the actual needs of the employing units. The traditional education model is based on the teacher's written course, completes the teaching task as the principle, and evaluates the student's professional knowledge. Students born under this educational model lack the ability to innovate independently and rely too much. The theory-based and light-practice teaching methods also make students lack competitive advantage in the social activities after leaving the campus. Knowledge and skills cannot be transferred to professional applications, which makes them feel at a loss for the real working environment. The single and conservative traditional methods of education have made some students lack the enthusiasm for learning and the motivation of learning during the learning period, which is very unfavorable for the sustainable development of the future life and the cultivation of creative creativity. In the teaching activities, student-centered training of applied talents is the inevitable requirement of modern society, but also an urgent problem to be solved. The precondition of training applied talents is to regard students as the education center, respect students' wishes, serve students and take students' long-term development as the teaching goal. The training of applied talents needs to be accomplished in the following aspects: curriculum setting, training goal planning, comprehensive and diversified assessment criteria, rich learning resources and so on.


Applied Talents, Training System: Student-centered