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Research on Classified Teaching of Computer Basic Education in Colleges and Universities Based on B/S

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2019.019


Deng Rui

Corresponding Author

Deng Rui


With the wide application of computers in various fields, the basic education of computers should also be developed. Based on the research on the progress of classified teaching of computer basic education in colleges and universities, this paper puts forward some ideas and measures for the curriculum design of computer basic education in comprehensive universities. On this basis, this paper elaborates the basic education form of computer in colleges and universities Based on B/S. Therefore, an in-depth understanding and understanding of the computer network architecture is very important for learning the "computer network" course. Computer basic education helps students to deeply understand and grasp the basic working principle of computer network. The ultimate goal of strengthening experimental teaching is to enable students to better grasp the theory and ultimately apply to the application.


B/S, Higher education, computer basic education, hierarchical classification teaching