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Research and Practice on Micro-course Teaching of Computer Courses in Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.167


Haijun Shao

Corresponding Author

Haijun Shao


With the advent of the information technology era, all walks of life are undergoing reform and innovation under the impetus of “Internet +”. Education reform in the Internet+ era is also imperative. With its "short and fine" characteristics, the micro-course has quickly become the darling of teaching reform and resource construction. As a new form of teaching, micro-curriculum can stimulate students' motivation. Therefore, for the characteristics of vocational school students, vocational schools pay great attention to micro-courses. The micro-course is in line with the trend of teaching reform in vocational schools. The use of micro-courses in vocational colleges can improve students' interest in learning, encourage students to learn actively, and ultimately improve learning efficiency. Although the micro-curriculum contributes to the improvement of students' self-learning ability, for the characteristics of vocational students, the classrooms that use micro-curricular learning still need teachers to supervise the progress of learning.


Micro-course, Vocational college, Computer course