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Public Opinion Cloud Computing: “New Model” of College Teachers and Students’ Online Commentators Team Construction in We-media Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.164


Ying Zhou

Corresponding Author

Ying Zhou


Since the 12th Five-Year Plan, with the explosive popularity of new network tools represented by “microblog and WeChat” social public opinion as a whole has entered a self-media era characterized by diversification, popularization and generalization of communication subjects. At present, it has become a reality for everyone to surf the Internet, to surf the Internet from time to time, and to surf the Internet everywhere, providing a hotbed for social hot spots and social emotions to ferment. Facing the new situation and new problems in the era of We media, how to deal with and guide all kinds of public opinions in colleges and universities has become the top priority of the ideological work of online publicity in colleges and universities. Based on the new situation and new problems in the current era of We media, this paper, through a survey of some teachers and students in the faculty of Humanities, Ningbo University of Finance and Economics, focuses on the analysis of the current situation facing the network public opinion work in colleges and universities, and innovatively proposes a new mode of building “cloud computing of public opinion” positions, and comprehensively strengthens the construction of network assessors for teachers and students in colleges and universities.


We media, The 13th five-year plan, Cloud computing introduction