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Research on the Value of Ideological and Political Education for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education of College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.156


Ke Pan

Corresponding Author

Ke Pan


As a new educational concept and educational practice, innovation and entrepreneurship education focuses on cultivating people's innovative spirit and entrepreneurial awareness, and is of great significance to the improvement of the overall quality of college students. Innovation and entrepreneurship education is not only knowledge and skills education, but also moral education and quality education. Stimulating people's entrepreneurial consciousness and innovative spirit, improving people's moral quality and promoting individuality development are the key to implementing innovation and entrepreneurship education. It is necessary to be good at excavating the ideological and political education resources implicit in innovation and entrepreneurship education, and regard it as an important part of ideological and political education, promote the cultivation of high-quality entrepreneurial talents, and then serve the needs of innovative country construction.


Innovation and entrepreneurship education, Ideological and political education, College students, Value