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The Trend Analysis on Elements of Effective Teaching - Based on Harris’s Framework

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.154


Sining Liu

Corresponding Author

Sining Liu


Effective teaching is the primary and direct way to achieve educational goals, which has drawn the widespread attention around the world. This study aims to explore the tendency of elements consisting of effective teaching by analyzing and categorizing criteria and elements of effective teaching in the scope of international studies on effective teaching. To achieve this goal, this study reviewed the 51 authoritative literature on effective teaching published in China, Korea and other countries during 1998-2018, and analyzed 16 literature that presented the specific criteria leading to effective teaching. The analysis basically utilized five categories of Harris (1998) and the literature published since 1998. Finally, the result of this study divided the researches on effective teaching into four categories, including three of the categories of Harris’s framework and one new category. Moreover, this study matches the elements with similar meaning from specific criteria and constructs an integrated criterion of effective teaching and explores tendency compared with Harris’s (1998) study, which provides practical guideline for the educational reform from perspective of effective teaching.


Effective teaching, Elements of effective teaching, Trend analysis