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Research on the Improvement of the Training Model of the Cooperative Preschool Education Specialty of "School" and "Garden"

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.149


Qianyu Xie

Corresponding Author

Qianyu Xie


School-enterprise cooperation is one of the most popular training modes in applied universities. As far as applied undergraduate preschool education major is concerned, "school-enterprise cooperation" is actually the cooperation between preschool education major of Applied Universities and Kindergarten-based institutions, namely "school" and "garden" cooperation. The reform of cooperative talents training mode of "school" and "garden" in preschool education specialty of applied universities is to break the new experience of traditional talents training mode by taking kindergarten's talent demand as guidance, taking the formation of students' professional ability as the core, and taking kindergarten post's ability demand as basis.


"School", "Garden" cooperation, Application-oriented, Preschool education, Personnel training