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Research on Teaching Strategies to Improve the Professional Identity of Students Majoring in Editing and Publishing in Local Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.142


Liya Yao

Corresponding Author

Liya Yao


Professional identity is very important for students in local universities. Choosing a total of 278 students majoring in Editing and Publishing as research objects, 278 questionnaires were distributed and recovered. The results show that female students’ professional identity is significantly higher than male students, students of different grades have significant differences in professional identity, the order from high to low is: senior, sophomore, freshman and junior, students with different internship experience have no difference in professional identity, there is no significant difference in professional identity among students with or without relatives working in the media. Teaching Strategies: First, the learning situation analysis should be done well. Secondly, the practice mode should be innovated. Finally, the cultivation of professional identity needs to run through four years of university.


Professional identity, Local universities, Editing and Publishing, Teaching Strategies