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Analysis on Reform Mode of three-dimensional Teaching in Higher Mathematics Curriculum and Cultivation of Students’ Ability

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.140


Wuchao Zhao, Qing Tan

Corresponding Author

Qing Tan


As one of the most important courses in engineering universities, higher mathematics is one of the basic courses and compulsory courses for students of science and technology. The abstract, theoretical and logical characteristics of higher mathematics make it difficult for teachers to teach and students difficult to learn. Mathematics homework is the extension and expansion of mathematics classroom teaching. It is an important way for teachers to check students' learning status and obtain feedback information. The three-dimensional reform of teaching means should be based on classroom teaching, supplemented by after-class reading, extended by mathematical modeling and mathematical experiment. The paper presents analysis on reform mode of three-dimensional teaching in higher mathematics curriculum and cultivation of students’ ability.


Three-dimensional teaching, Higher mathematics, Teaching Reform, Teaching mode